Senior School Staff

Mr M J Beard


Mr C M Reynolds

Vice Master

Mr M T English

Deputy Head (Academic)

Mr A R Wilkes

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mr R H Chapman

Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form)

Mr S A P FitzGerald

Assistant Head (Head of Middle School)

Mr P S Miller

Assistant Head (Director of Studies and Admissions) 

Mr E D Roberts

Assistant Head (Director of Partnerships and Public Relations)

Deme Wardens 

Mr S C Walton


Mr J R L Orchard

Black Hawkin's

Mr T J Allen


Mr J P Cooke


Mrs M Foster


Mrs A H Isaac


Sixth Form 

Mr R H Chapman

Head of Sixth Form 

Mrs L M Jenkins, Mr R Johnson & Mr A D Hurst (acting)

Deputy Heads of Sixth Form 

Lower School Wardens 

Mr E A Barnish

Head of Lower School

Mr O Bienias

Entry Year Warden 

Miss E R Lodato

Shell Year Warden


Mr L A Farago

Head of Art 

Mrs K J Anthony


Mr J H Nichols


Ms V E Trinder


History of Art

Mr A M Mee

Head of History of Art; also English and Drama


Ms K R Ward

Head of Biology 

Miss A Chapman-Taylor

also Chemistry

Mrs C E Hawes

Also Head of Psychology

Mr A D Hurst


Mrs R J Lam


Mrs F K Taylor

Also Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Coordinator (on maternity leave)

Mr L Ulakanathan


Dr A R Welch

Also Head of Examinations


Dr S Hoyle

Head of Chemistry

Ms S N Adair


Mr M J Beard


Miss A Chapman-Taylor


Mrs M Foster


Mr E D Roberts

 Also Assistant Head

Ms S R Reddy


Miss K F M Reeves

Also Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning


Mr D J Woodhead

Head of Classics 

Mr T J Allen


Ms J E Lewis


Miss L E Lloyd


Mr A R M McAra

Also Events Coordinator


Ms R H Baxter

Director of Drama 

Mr C M Abbott


Mr C J Bhantoa


Ms J Mack

Director in Residence

Mrs R Tran

Dance Teacher

Mr A M Mee

Also English and Head of History of Art

Design & Technology 

 Mrs S L Slater

Head of Design and Technology 

Ms K L Johnson


Mr P Ormrod


Mr H Franks

Designer in Residence

Mr B Vliegen

Designer in Residence


Mr D G Hall

Head of Economics 

Miss Z N Gulamhussein


Mr C Nicholls


Miss L C Birchenough

Head of English

Ms L A Bensted

Second in English; also Drama

Mr H Hardingham

Also Acting Head of Academic Enrichment

Mr L N Hughes


Mrs A H Isaac


Mrs L C McGill


Mr A M Mee

Also Drama and Head of History of Art

Mr J R L Orchard


Ms E R Orlans


Mr J Thomson


Mr M B Murphy

Head of Geography 

Mr R H Chapman


Mr J M Firth


Mr S A P FitzGerald


Miss J H Jenkinson


Ms J N Porter

Also Director of Teaching and Learning (on maternity leave)

Mrs L C Sproule

Also Schools Partnerships Co-ordinator

Miss E S Taylor


Mr P S Miller

Also Director of Studies and Admissions
History & Politics 

Mr A G Vaughan

Head of History

Ms J L Heaton

Head of Politics

Mr W D Alter


Mr T A B Hardy


Mr N Hillyard

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Coordinator

Mrs L M Jenkins

 Also Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Mr R C Johnson


Mrs H A Levy 


Ms E R Lodato


Mr A R Wilkes

Learning Support 

Mrs S K Thale

Head of Learning Support 

Ms T O'Neill

Co-ordinator of PSHE


Mrs P E Davison

Joint Head of Library

Mrs A D Roberts

Joint Head of Library

Mathematics and Computing

Mr M Bullock

Head of Mathematics & Computer Science

Mr S A Cork

Second in Mathematics and Coordinator of Computer Science

Mr C H Blyth


Mr D J Armitage

Careers Co-ordinator

Mr E A Barnish


Mr A K Chandarana


Mr B Connolly


Mr A Davis

 Also Head Timetabler

Mr J O Enemuwe

Also Assistant to Head of Examinations

Mr M J Hind

 Enrichment & Outreach Co-ordinator

Mrs A Mistry

 (on maternity leave)

Mrs J Benjamin


Mr C M Reynolds


Ms J C Root

 Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning

Mr S W Sayeed


Mr R Shah


Mr G P Wayland

Modern Languages

Mr T P Underwood

Head of Modern Languages and Head of German

Miss C M Bandera


Mrs L E M Bernice


Mrs S C Brooks


Mr S J Button


Mr M T English

Ms Anne-Flore Alomapey  French Assistant

Mrs S Hess


Ms S Y Hillier


Dr H L Laurenson

Head of Spanish 

Miss M P Maggioni

Co-ordinator of Mandarin

Mrs R McCann


Miss B Peris Reig

Spanish Assistant

Mrs C A Rancon


Ms M A Stiavetti


Miss S Schler

French Assistant

Miss N Schoenhagen

German Assistant

Mrs H I Wiedermann

Head of French


Mr C R Dawe

Director of Music 

Mr I C Gibson

Head of Academic Music

Mr B S Albu

Musician in Residence

Mr S C Walton


Dr K S Viswanathan

Head of Philosophy and Acting Academic Enrichment Co-ordinator

Dr P Dawson

Physical Education  

Mr E P Sawtell

Director of Sport

Mr O Bienias


Mr D Brown


Mr J P Cooke


Mr M Mohamed


Mr I J Thomas


Mr S Tiffin



Mr A J Westwood

Head of Physics

Dr A M Quirke

 Assistant Director of Studies

Dr G M Garstin


Mr B C Jenkins


Mr J D Powell



Mrs C E Hawes

Head of Psychology, also Biology

 Ms A Martini


Senior School Departmental Technicians and Assistants

Mrs T Pantelis

Biology Technician

Mrs M Goswami

Biology Technician

Mrs A Bull

Chemistry Technician

Mrs I G Wu

Chemistry Technician

Mr A Cemal

Physics Technician

Mr O McKenzie 

Physics Technician

Mr S Baker 

Art Technician

Mr G Williams

Art Technician

Mr N Stock

Design Technician

Mr M Hutchings

Theatre Manager

Miss C Reynolds

Drama Technician

Mr D Sanz

Library Assistant

 Ms M Turner

Music School Administrator

Senior School Support Staff

Mrs J A Scott

Headmaster's PA (Senior School)

Miss M Guarnieri

Deputy Heads' PA (Senior School)

Ms T Patel

Senior Admissions Secretary

Mrs L-A Shah

School Admissions Secretary

Miss S Samuels

Senior School Secretary

Miss S Wesson

School Administrator (Senior School)

Mrs L McTavish

School Administrator (Senior School)

Miss R Coleman

School Administrator (Senior School)

Mr P Borysenko

Facilities Controller 

Mr M Dimosi

Access Controller 

Mr G Kanapathipillai 

Access Controller 

Mr S Poloka

Evening Security Officer


Mr N Stock

Director of Operations

Ms J Cawdell

PA to the DoO

Mrs J Elliot-Waine

Health, Safety and ISI Compliance Manager

Mr N Mugridge

Finance Director 

Ms B Ziobro

Financial Controller 

Ms G Matalo

Management Accountant

Mr M James

Accounts Department

Mrs L Greenway

Fees and Finance Assistant

Miss H Newman

Head of Human Resources

Mrs O Gowie

HR Advisor

Miss R Thakrar

HR Assistant

Mrs C Grundy

Payroll Supervisor

Miss A Sohail

Estates Manager 

Miss O Smith

Estates Co-ordinator

Miss S von Maltzahn

Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Miss L de Bie

Development and Alumni Relations Officer

IT Staff

Mr P Samtani

Director of IT

Mr M Meilack

Network Manager 

Mrs K Chang

IT Technician

Mr I Ali

IT Technician

Mr R Chung

Multimedia Technician

Mr O Qureshi

Digital Media Technician

Exams & Student Records

Dr A R Welch

Head of Examinations

Mr J O Enemuwe

Assistant to the Head of Examinations

Miss K Varnava 

Exams and Assessment Officer

Ms D Malyan

SIMS Manager

Ms E Wallace

SIMS Administrator

Medical Staff


Senior School Doctor 

Mrs S Marks, BA Bristol University

School Counsellor

Ms B Calnan, RCN

Nurse Co-ordinator; Senior School Nurse

Ms R. Garbett

First Aider


School Doctor, Junior Branch

Mrs M Mintz RGN RSCN

Senior Junior Branch School Nurse

Ms M De Souza BSc, RGN

Junior School Nurse

Ms S Moodey RGN

Part-time Nurse

Junior Branch Staff

JB Senior Management Team

Mr L Hayward


Mr M Albini

Deputy Head (Curriculum)

Mr D Edwards

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

JB Senior Teachers

Ms R Pfizenmaier Taylor

History Co-ordinator, Year 5 Form Tutor, English Teacher

Miss H Tipper

Maths Co-ordinator

JB Teaching Staff

Mr Lachlan Bartlett

Year 4 Form Tutor, English, Maths, History, Games

Mr L Churchill

Year 3 Form Tutor, English, Maths, Games, ICT Teacher

Mr D Cook

Year 5 Form Tutor, English, Maths, PE, Games, Science, Geography Teacher

Mrs E Crossley

Art and Design and Technology Teacher

Mr M de Caries

Design and Technology Co-ordinator

Mr S Hall

Housemaster, Eve; English Co-ordinator

Mr W Jones

English, PE, Games, Science, History, Geography Teacher

Miss R Kusionowicz

Year 4 Form Tutor, English, MFL, Maths, ICT, History, 

Mr M Lall-Chopra

Housemaster, Simmons; ICT Co-ordinator, Year 6 Form Tutor, Maths, Games Teacher

Mr A Lambe

Head of Y5/6, Year 6 Tutor Geography Co-ordinator, English, Maths, 

Mrs C O’Leary

Maths, SEN Teacher

Mr S Lanigan-O’Keeffe

Music Co-ordinator

Miss A McKaughan

PSHEE Co-ordinator, Year 3 Form Tutor, English, Maths, ICT Teacher

Mrs S Miller

Learning Support

Miss S Norman

Year 3 Form Tutor, English, Maths, Art & D&T Teacher

Miss J Przygoda

MFL Co-ordinator, Year 5 Tutor and History Teacher

Mr J Thomas

Drama Co-ordinator, PSHEE, ICT

Miss L Trinnaman

Science Co-ordinator, Year 6 Form Tutor, Science, Games Teacher

Mr A Tyson

Year 4 Form Tutor, English, Maths, Games Teacher

Mr A Walliker

Housemaster Campbell, Games Co-ordinator, History and Geography Teacher

Miss E Waterhouse

Art Co-ordinator, Year 6 Form Tutor, Display

JB Support Staff

Miss F Bostock

School Secretary

Miss D Campbell

Headmaster’s Secretary/Admissions

Mrs P Casey


Dr C Choi

Visiting School Doctor

Miss J Cox

Art, D&T and Science Technician

Ms M DeSouza

JB Assistant Nurse

Mr G Karabulut

Catering Manager

Miss K McEvoy

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Mintz

JB Senior Nurse

Mr L Pop

ICT Consultant

Ms E Rattan

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs N Tree

Teaching Assistant

Ms N Hines

Art, D&T and Science Technician

Mr L Varani


UCS Pre-Prep School

Dr Zoe Dunn


Miss N Watt

Deputy Head; Head of EYFS and Science Co-ordinator

Ms R Robinson

Director of Studies; Maths Co-ordinator and Head of KS1 

Mrs S Ryan

Support Teacher and Enhanced Learning Co-ordinator

Miss S Hasson

Class Teacher and Science Co-ordinator

Miss E Szekely

Class Teacher and PSHE Co-ordinator

Miss G Shein

Class Teacher and Computing Co-ordinator 

Ms S Theis

Class Teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator & Creative Curriculum Co-ordinator

Miss K Price

SEN/EAL Support Teacher

Mrs S Naftalin

Head of Art

Miss L Weston

Head of PE

Ms S Pateman

Head of Music

Classroom Assistants

Miss J Free

 Teaching Assistant, EYPS

Miss A Hirt

 Teaching Assistant

Miss E Mandic

 Teaching Assistant

Mr J McFarland

 Teaching Assistant

Miss V Rowson

 Teaching Assistant

Ms J Yorke

 Teaching Assistant

Ms S Stratton

 Teaching Assistant

Support Staff/Peri Staff

Mrs S Hammond

Headmistress's PA/Admissions Secretary

Ms G Holmes

School Administrator 

Ms D Mayne

First Aider

Mr J Zotes Mansilla


Ms F Band


Mr S Howells 


Margaret Cazpor

Piano Teacher

Jaga Klimaszewska

Violin Teacher


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