Laying a foundation for life

With each and every one of our pupils, our mission at UCS is simple: to enable them to become the very best versions of themselves.

We provide a best-in-class education and outstanding pastoral care, supported by a liberal ethos that forms the bedrock of our school. For us, liberal scholarship means intellectual curiosity, creativity, breadth of study and independence of mind, as a basis for academic excellence. This equips our pupils with something we call ‘a foundation for life’ – qualities young people need in order to go into the world and live out their full potential.

We instil in our pupils four key learning values – the four Rs of resourcefulness, responsibility, relationships and resilience – which infuse our lively and imaginative classroom teaching. Our pupils are happy, engaged and always look forward to coming to school.

While UCS is boldly academic, we also aspire to be the kindest, most pupil-centric school possible. We have an overarching commitment to personalised pastoral care and to nurturing positive, open and professional relationships between staff and pupils. This takes place within a safe and supportive environment that promotes self-awareness, understanding of others and respect for every member of the community.

Our caring, dedicated and intellectually strong staff work hard to develop confidence, maturity and self-esteem – and we believe that our approach not only brings excellent results but helps to create well-balanced and assured school leavers.

To learn more about the UCS Foundation’s aims and ethos, you can read the full policy document here.

A school community for all

We select children with no regard to race or creed – and invite them to benefit from, and contribute to, a UCS community which prizes tolerance of, and respect for, the individual. Our commitment to access includes a facility to offer fee assistance, which dovetails with our desire to create a balanced and socially aware pupil body.

Individual and collective focus

We offer the fullest range of opportunities for personal development and group endeavour, including Drama, the arts, Music, Sport, culture and, of course, academic subjects. These are the forums in which we draw out individual talent, rejoice in personal achievement and foster communal endeavour.

Developing the child

We teach the importance of well-being, the value of commitment and the joy of achievement. We believe happiness lies at the root of a pupil’s success – and that, in order for a young person to develop fully, they must be happy within themselves. Our pastoral provision recognises the individual and equally the fact no pupil is an island.

Study and self-discovery

We are a place of study but also of self-discovery and self-expression. As such, we encourage every pupil to reach their potential using a subject-based curriculum that is supplemented by flourishing academic enrichment and complemented by an extensive co-curricular provision. The pupil’s part is to discover and maximise their skills, passions and abilities.

Relationships with others

We give equal value to learning with others and learning from others. We work hard to make sure that the relationships at UCS are strong, positive and professional – but also relaxed. There is mutual respect between pupils and teachers, and our education is a friendly and always purposeful cooperation between school, student and home.