We encourage our Sixth Formers to set their horizons on what’s next and on how they can reach their goals, whatever these may be, while also exploring their identity and beliefs. We have worked hard to achieve co-education that really works, successfully transitioning and integrating pupils so that they can inspire each other to live out their full potential.

Our results continue to be exceptional and mark a richly rewarding conclusion to our young people’s careers at Frognal. In 2023, 93% of A Level grades achieved by UCS students were A*–B and 72% were A*–A. Such positive outcomes for a pupil body that also dedicates countless hours to partnerships, community and charity ventures, indicate that we are striking a healthy balance between the studious and the socially responsible.

We convey to our pupils that success comes in many forms: through our willingness to try new things, to discover our true selves and our place in the world, and through our ability to build successful relationships in the process.


of A Level grades achieved by UCS students were A*–B


students scored straight A*–A grades in 2023


leavers headed to prestigious overseas institutions


of 2023 leavers set for undergraduate study, 84% at 1st/2nd-choice university


of those exam grades were either A*s or As


of medics with offers met the conditions of their preferred university

Results summaries

We are understandably proud of our outstanding track record in public examinations but the key to this success lies in establishing the right balance for each and every pupil between academic ambitions, pastoral needs and interests outside the classroom and beyond.

2023 Results Summary

2022 Results Summary

2021 Results Summary

2020 Results Summary

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2018 Results Summary

University destinations

Our leavers depart for a variety of top university destinations such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, Edinburgh and St Andrews – with 15 pupils from the 2022–23 leaving cohort headed to Oxbridge to pursue highly competitive courses including Medicine, Classics, Material Sciences, History and Engineering. Additionally, every prospective medic holding an offer met the conditions for their first-choice university.

Given how we treat every pupil as an individual, it is no surprise that UCS students move on to an eclectic mix of university courses, covering everything from Computer Science with AI, Neuroscience, Song Writing, Cognitive Science and Aerospace Engineering to more traditional offerings like PPE, Natural Sciences, Medicine and Mathematics. A number of applicants also defer entry to university in order to pursue extra-curricular interests, work-based schemes or gap-year travel.

The wide vision intrinsic to a UCS education is also reflected in terms of admissions to overseas universities and a high take-up of our in-house SAT course used for North American college admissions. In 2023, 10 pupils were destined for prestigious overseas institutions – some with highly sought-after scholarships – including Duke University, the University of Miami and New York University.

Careers advice

The bespoke and comprehensive advice and guidance that are available throughout Years 12 and 13 (aka Transitus and Sixth) also help lay the groundwork for possible future employment. Careers evenings and networking events, our PSHE and Sixth Form programmes, and contact with the Alumni Office are all supplemented by talks from distinguished guest speakers.

Fully informed, and equipped with the customary UCS resilience and resourcefulness, our pupils go on to forge productive careers after Higher Education.

Voices and Views

“Ultimately we get happy outcomes because the process of making sure our students make the right UCAS choices is so in-depth, careful and pupil-centred. By the time they submit their university applications, they have an array of choices. The vast majority receive the offers and grades they want. ”

Rebecca Baxter Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form)

“Teachers here expect a lot from pupils, and the pupils expect a lot from themselves. They achieve superb exam results but it is their willingness to question and challenge, and engage in clubs, societies and community projects, that creates such a stimulating atmosphere.”

Thomas Underwood Director of Studies

“The standards are super high but the teachers don’t leave people behind and instead bring them up to the level of the rest. The pupils all want to do well and that desire is helped by the teachers pushing us. ”

Ellie Afek UCS pupil, 2021–2023

“We offer careers advice, research, access and in-person encounters, including weekly talks, a Careers Fair and a networking event for Year 12s to talk to professionals. This all-encompassing assistance is boosted by work experience and internship opportunities.”

Rebecca Baxter Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form)

“UCS pupils are confident, open-minded and flexible in their thinking. They attain exceptional grades at GCSE and A Level and they possess a flair and creativity that makes them highly desirable to university tutors and future employers.”

Mark Beard Headmaster