Partnership work is the work we do to foster collaboration and to share best practice, resources, facilities and events with schools in the maintained sector. We enjoy forming partnerships partly as an extension of our charitable mission to help educate young people in the local community of which we are part.

Our projects vary in size but the principle behind each one is that they should benefit all of the pupils involved, including our own. Partnership work is most effective when based on long-term relationships with schools. We have built a strong rapport with as many as 18 local primary schools and five secondary schools in the maintained sector – including UCL Academy, Michaela Community School, Westminster Academy and London Academy of Excellence, Stratford.

Learn more about our partnership provision by reading our Partnerships & Community Review here.


Year 12 pupils from partner schools are supported in STEM subjects by UCS teachers each year


hours of voluntary work are carried out annually by UCS Year 12 and Year 13 students


staff, parents and Old Gowers contribute to the partnership programme every year

3 tonnes

of goods are donated annually by the UCS community to a local foodbank

Mutual benefit

However, it is not just about sharing resources and facilities with other schools, because true partnership work is a mutually beneficial collaboration. By discussing pedagogy – teaching, learning and pastoral care – in different settings, teachers gain valuable insights into how to evolve practice in their own schools. And by bringing together children from diverse backgrounds, young people can better understand and appreciate those backgrounds, reduce prejudice and increase future social mobility.

Some of the most impactful partnership projects get pupils interacting with one another. They enable students to witness different teaching styles and broaden their academic experience. There are also opportunities for pupils to lead and teach younger children at local primary schools.

Partner schools

Our links with Westminster Academy, UCL Academy and London Academy of Excellence, Stratford are well-established while our collaboration with Michaela Community School began in January 2019 and continues to gather momentum. Teachers from several of our subject departments also serve as governors at local schools.