Access is a touchstone of our educational approach and we are committed to enabling any child to benefit from – and contribute to – the life of UCS, irrespective of their circumstances.

For this reason, we take very seriously our responsibility to offer fee assistance. We believe that children who work and play together as part of a balanced and socially aware pupil body are more likely to appreciate mutual exchange, empathy and cultural difference.

Our belief in the importance of removing barriers to access is reflected in our bursary programme – which demands that a UCS education should not be restricted by factors such as family income and wealth. We have approximately 60 pupils on bursaries in the Senior School and also offer Music Scholarships through competitive auditions.

Our approach to fee assistance has opportunity and kindness at its heart. All pupils in receipt of fee assistance can be certain of a bespoke pastoral care, with our dedicated Bursaries Coordinator always available to listen, advise and assist as part of a fantastic opportunity – both in and out of the classroom – that really is tailored to help change lives. Our assistance extends beyond fees too, covering certain additional costs that help with uniform, PE and Games kit, and school trips. We also provide bursary award holders with a school-owned Chromebook.

We hold an information evening each October for families who have applied for, or who are considering applying for, an 11+ place with fee assistance (a bursary) for September 2024. There is no need to register for this event. We will give an overview of the pastoral support that is provided, and more details on the financial assistance that is offered. There will be a Question and Answer session with senior staff including the Director of Admissions and the Bursaries Coordinator, as well as the chance to hear first-hand from a UCS bursary award holder about their unique experiences of their time with us.

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Pupil Stories

“The one-to-one attention and care from my form and subject teachers allowed me to achieve things I would never have thought possible. My experiences and the learning values instilled at UCS really did enable me to flourish. ”

Kaylem Andrews UCS pupil, 2014–2019

“Moving from an all-girls state school initially seemed daunting but everyone was so friendly. Because UCS class sizes were a lot smaller, the teachers were more attentive to our individual needs. Help was always readily available.”

Jovana Pepic UCS pupil, 2016–2018

“I am immensely grateful to UCS for the quality of education and unbounded support I received. The welcoming, inclusive ethos was evident from day one and I will not forget the teachers whose love for education radiated throughout the school.”

Geno Racklin Asher UCS pupil, 2013–2020

“I very much appreciated how my Form Tutor and House Master devoted time to discussing school life and allowing us to reflect on our own performance. This led to real self-improvement on an academic and a personal level.”

Daevasyaa Murraletharan UCS pupil, 2018–2020

“Everyone at the school is valued and given so many opportunities to flourish and excel in their learning. ”

Parent of UCS bursary pupil Alumni Relations Office

Apply for fee assistance

Parents wishing to be considered for fee assistance should indicate this on the registration form – and do not pay the £150 registration fee. The second stage of the application process requires detailed information about the family’s financial circumstances – this will be treated in complete confidence.

Every application for fee assistance is considered on an individual basis and includes allowances for housing costs (annual rent or mortgage), siblings and capital assets to determine the fee assistance percentage. Parents who wish to be candidates for fee assistance should indicate this on the second stage of the online Admissions Registration Form.

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UCS uses a set of income bands to determine Net Relevant Income which is defined as gross annual income from all sources of both parents less reasonable housing costs. Moreover, there is an overriding assumption that capital assets (including significant equity in the family home) be realised to meet school fees before fee assistance is offered.

Additionally, the level of fee assistance is reviewed annually using the same criteria to direct funds towards the areas of greatest need, taking into account changing family circumstances. A limited amount of fee assistance may be available to families experiencing genuine and unpredictable hardship.

Support is available for co-curricular activities that benefit a pupil’s education. This can enable pupils to take advantage of opportunities such as music tours and fieldwork. For example, a pupil in receipt of 50% fee remission would contribute half of the cost of any such trip and UCS would cover the rest.

Fee assistance is only offered to candidates who have satisfied our entrance requirements and we cannot guarantee to meet every request for fee assistance.