UCS’s sporting values represent an extension of the Senior School’s learning values – resilience, relationships, responsibility and resourcefulness. In the sports arena, we place a premium on hard work, putting the team first and always improving. These values, we believe, lead to positive outcomes. We also insist that all pupils remain aware of our sporting code of conduct.

  • Pupils play the game for the purpose of their enjoyment while competing to the best of their ability.
  • UCS’s reputation for fair play precludes foul play or poor conduct such as bad language, fighting or arguing with referees.
  • Pupils refrain from boastful or arrogant behaviour and always applaud good play from both their team and the opposition.
  • Pupils are positive when making comments with their team-mates and remain encouraging at all times.
  • Pupils treat match officials, coaches and opposition teams with respect.

Besides the Sir Roger Bannister Sports Centre, UCS Sport also makes maximum use of the school’s 27 acres of playing fields and a supplementary all-weather surface at nearby Farm Avenue. Here, the magnificent New Pavilion – opened in 2019 by Sir Alastair Cook – provides exceptional facilities for welcoming, hosting and staging fixtures with other schools.

Pupils from Years 7 and 8 to 11 have two Games sessions a week that focus primarily on our major boys’ team sports; Year 7 also have an additional weekly PE lesson centred on fitness and movement within the context of individual sports such as swimming and gym work.

Pupils in Years 9 to 11 have a PE and a Games session, both of which are 90 minutes long.

Our major seasonal sports are Rugby, Football, Netball and Hockey in the winter and Cricket in the summer. The choice for older pupils widens to incorporate sports such as Basketball, Bouldering, Yoga, Spinning, Fives, Cross Country, Rowing, Horse Riding, Volleyball and Squash. UCS also runs a co-curricular sporting timetable with access for all pupils to: Squash, Running, Basketball, Rowing, Swimming, Tennis, Yoga and further Athletic Development in our fantastic gym.

Participation is the watchword along with affording as many opportunities as possible for young people to represent the UCS community in the sports that they love, learn and enjoy.