The UCS Sixth Form is full of energy and excitement from the very first day. Our pupils are taught stimulating and challenging lessons in the subjects they love by subject specialists and are encouraged to learn in a scholarly and independent way.

Our vast Academic Enrichment programme provides space in the timetable to make connections between subjects, think beyond exam specifications and look towards undergraduate study. Higher Education is part of the Sixth Form experience and our pupils aim for, and achieve, the very best in this sense.

However, life in the UCS Sixth Form is not limited to academic lessons but instead encompasses a vast range of co-curricular opportunities, volunteering and community work and leadership roles for our bright and ambitious Sixth Formers to dive into. Pupils in the Sixth Form are ambitious and we make sure to carve out opportunities that allow their talents to flourish; whether that’s A Level, EPQ, Academic Symposiums, engaging in public-speaking competitions and co-curricular societies or leading the school magazine, we nurture aspiration.

Rebecca Baxter, the Head of Sixth Form, truthfully summed up the atmosphere in the UCS Sixth Form as “curious and kind, busy, varied and inclusive, with an emphasis on the promotion of activism and advocacy. We provide opportunities for leadership and going beyond what pupils have done before.”

Mark Beard Headmaster