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Work at UCS
Work at UCS

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Senior Technician of Chemistry

Job description We are looking for a full-time Senior Chemistry...

  • Location Senior School
  • Type Full-time
  • Closing date 29/07/2024
  • Salary Competitive
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Senior Technician of Chemistry

Working at UCS

The success of UCS can be attributed to the calibre of the teaching and support staff.

A diverse CPD programme and our in-house educational research programme allow colleagues to stay informed about the latest developments in education and ensure that UCS pupils receive an exceptional education, both in and out of the classroom.

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Staff comments

“UCS has always been a school that prides itself on positive, open and professional relationships between pupils and staff. As a result, it remains an exciting and stimulating place to work both academically and pastorally. I look forward to coming to school as much now as I did all those years ago when I first joined.”

Andrew Wilkes Deputy Head (Pastoral) and History Teacher since 1989

“UCS was my first teaching post and the support was excellent. The CPD opportunities have enabled me to reflect and improve on my practice and learn from colleagues. From day one, I have felt welcomed by staff and pupils. The beautiful site, fantastic catering and positive buzz make UCS a wonderful place to work.”

Lucy Tyson Head of Spanish

“When I first started teaching here, the atmosphere was the thing that struck me above everything else. There was, and still is, a chemistry which lives within these walls that I have not found elsewhere in my career. Warmth and respect permeate every interaction. Pupils and staff know they are somewhere special.”

Edward Roberts Assistant Head (Head of Lower School)

“I was struck by the sense of community when I came here for interview. Our teachers expect a lot of the pupils but the pupils expect a lot from themselves. Their willingness to question and challenge their own understanding, and engage in a variety of clubs and projects, creates such a binding and stimulating atmosphere.”

Darius Bluck Head of PSHE

“It is a privilege to work with colleagues who are deeply invested in developing their practice and a leadership team who so prioritise outstanding teaching and learning. Central to this is giving teachers autonomy within their own classrooms and encouraging them to embrace their own styles, strengths and personalities.”

Sophie Bennett Assistant Head (Co-Curricular)