A Pioneering

Our founding values mean that we continue to nurture and celebrate the individuality of our pupils. Confident, bright and kind, UCS pupils are encouraged to shape the direction of their school and go on to make a positive difference to the global society of which they are a part.

Life in the Pre-Prep


Life in the Junior Branch

Junior Branch

Life in the Senior School

Senior School

Life in the Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Boldly academic

Guided by talented teachers, supported with dedicated pastoral care and with the use of world-class facilities, UCS pupils engage, question and challenge in their academic pursuits both within and beyond the curriculum. Pupils at UCS are invited to tailor their education to suit their burgeoning interests and the outstanding exam results they achieve are a natural manifestation of our distinctive approach.

We do not see our education as a set of parallel tunnels. We ask our pupils to make connections between their subjects, to develop a love of learning without regard to specific academic disciplines. We want our scientists to enjoy poetry and fine art; we want our artists to appreciate the wonder of scientific discovery. Mark English, Vice Master and Academic Director
Curiosity and creativity are analogous to all learning experiences at UCS. The pursuit of awe and wonder in our daily lives enables students to explore, seek, question, imagine and innovate; gifting them the joy of learning across a lifetime. Zoe Dunn, Pre-Prep Headmistress
Our broad range of societies, trips, competitions, academic enrichment and range of topics and tasks in the classroom provide opportunities for learners to develop skills such as inquisitiveness, collaboration, persistence and resilience. We encourage reading, critical analysis, identifying all sides to an argument and it is our aim that UCS pupils thrive in a rapidly transforming world. Thomas Underwood, Director of Studies