Explore UCS Pre-Prep

UCS Pre-Prep School (ages 4 – 7) aims to provide a happy and stimulating environment for the 130 pupils who attend. Intellectual curiosity and independence of mind are developed, self-discovery and self-expression are fostered, and learning co-operatively and collaboratively is highly valued.

Explore the Junior Branch

Around 240 boys attend the UCS Junior Branch (ages 7 – 11) which is set in the heart of Hampstead Village. The JB provides each student with the opportunity to mature steadily so that he develops the academic and personal disciplines, self-confidence, and thoughtfulness.

Explore the Senior School

Around 850 pupils (aged 11 – 18) attend the Senior School, and each year around 40 girls join our Sixth Form. Our aim is to produce students who can progress to university with the confidence and motivation to stand alone as independent learners, with a love of learning for learning’s sake. Academic endeavour is supported by a wide range of co-curricular activities, including excellent provision for Sport, Music, and Drama.

Explore the Sixth Form

The school's commitment to fostering independence of mind, together with our long-standing belief in tolerance and respect for the individual, combine with high-quality academic teaching and excellent specialist facilities to produce a Sixth Form education that is stimulating, enjoyable and successful.

The School is open as usual.