UCS was founded with the vision of intellectual curiosity, breadth of study and independence of mind. This vision is as integral to the school today as it was in 1830. From its first days, philanthropy has played a large part in the shaping of the school, not only in the creation of its buildings, but also in the support it is able to provide through means-tested bursaries.

Supporting bursaries

We are proud to currently provide 60 free places – 7% of the pupil population – each year. More than simply enabling us to offer a UCS education to these children who otherwise would not be able to afford it, our bursary scheme enriches the life and community of UCS immeasurably.

As we move towards our 200th anniversary in 2030, bursaries remain an important part of our future. Securing sustainable funding to support this is a vital part of the Development Office’s work.

Revenue gifts & endowment fund

We intend to primarily achieve this through donors supporting bursaries directly through revenue gifts – but we are also building an endowment fund which will secure the provision of sufficient bursaries in the longer term.

If you feel you are in a position to make a contribution to this area of the school’s work, and wish to speak to our Development Director, please get in contact at [email protected].

Capital projects

Our ambition is to transform our site and so to provide our pupils with the surroundings that match the education they enjoy.

  • Pastoral care and wellbeing support are a vital part of what makes UCS what it is. We support our pupils throughout their time at UCS and we strive to ensure that we give them the tools to look after themselves and others, both throughout their school careers and after they leave. This project aims to bring together all of our wellbeing provision into one dedicated space, as well as providing quiet space and a place to call home for our Lower School pupils.
  • Music and theatre are a key element of UCS school life, with around 150 pupils joining various ensembles, bands and orchestras each year. Theatrical productions are a central part of the calendar, with recent hits ranging from Oliver! to Lord of the Flies and The Illusion. We now intend to create a first-class performance and practice space, complete with a state-of-the-art flexible studio space.

To discuss any of these projects further, please contact our Development Director Edd Pickering.