Wednesday, Sep 17th

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Sixth Form Coeducation

TheĀ UCS Sixth Form became coeducational in September 2008. Our initial aim is to offer places to 25 girls each year. We will also continue to consider applications from boys at the age of 16.

We believe that the UCS ethos - of a liberal education founded firmly upon respectful and open relationships between students and their teachers - will prove an ideal basis for coeducation. All students will have equal access to intellectual, cultural, adventurous and athletic opportunities that few schools can offer. The traditional UCS emphasis upon individuality tempered by team-work, and ambition balanced by kindness, has something to offer to everyone.

A UCS Sixth Form education is intellectually stimulating as well as personally satisfying. The opportunity will be just as enriching for girls as for boys. We believe that the combination of the support and care for which UCS is already well-known, with the space that we provide for the personal development of each student, offers the best possible preparation for University life and study.