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Welcome to the Sixth Form

The school's commitment to fostering independence of mind, together with our long-standing belief in tolerance and respect for the individual, combine with high-quality academic teaching and excellent specialist facilities to produce a Sixth Form education that is stimulating, enjoyable and successful. That success is measured not only by academic results (which are outstanding), but also by the happy, well-balanced, fulfilled and positive students who leave UCS to progress to the Universities and specialist colleges of their choice.

True to the aims of our founders, we encourage intellectual curiosity and we foster a real sense of communal endeavour. More than just a place of study, UCS is an inclusive, tolerant, positive and friendly community. It is stimulating and demanding; cheerful and open-minded.

We have created a series of short films to provide prospective parents and pupils with a 'virtual tour' of life at the Senior School.  I hope you will take a look.  I believe that UCS is a uniquely happy and successful school.  Please visit us and see for yourselves.  

Mark J Beard, MA

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