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Senior School Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning at UCS is driven by far more than simply the desire to achieve top examination results. Our aim is to produce students who can progress to university with the confidence and motivation to stand alone as independent learners, with a firm basis of knowledge, experience and understanding, and a strong sense of values, personal integrity and compassion.

The emphasis in all that we do at UCS is on identifying, supporting and meeting the needs of individual students. Teaching is well-structured and orthodox, yet challenging and varied. Much emphasis is placed upon developing in our students a commitment to and an enthusiasm for learning.

Students do not become independent learners without well organised and thoughtful care and support. This is provided by a large team of specialist subject teachers, working with highly committed pastoral staff, and with a full-time Learning Support Department.The teacher/pupil ratio is generous.

Teaching groups are relatively small. Internal and external reporting systems are thorough and constructive. All of this is necessary to provide the personal support that ambitious students need. The curriculum at all levels of the school is designed to offer as rich a diet as possible for our students.

All subjects are treated with equal value. Students are encouraged to discover their own academic interests and talents and the curriculum gives them the opportunity to develop those talents to the full. Prior to GCSE, students study the widest possible range of subjects, including a variety of modern and classical languages, individual sciences, creative, aesthetic, technological and physical activity, along with personal, social and health education.