Tuesday, Sep 16th

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Senior School Independence

GCSE choice is as open as we can make it. All students study English, Maths, at least one modern language and some science. The remainder of their choice is completely free. AS and A-level options are similarly unrestricted and over twenty subjects are offered.

Students, guided by parents and teachers, will decide for themselves whether their individual needs are best met by breadth of study or by specialism. The answer will differ from student to student. It is right that it should. Teaching and learning throughout the school are supported by an extensive ICT network.

Most classrooms and laboratories are equipped to allow electronic delivery of teaching materials - normally specifically prepared by UCS staff. In addition to that, all students are able to access curricular material - for individual support or for academic extension - both at school and at home.

The Enav Library is at the heart of much of the learning experience of UCS students. Well-stocked with over 18,000 books (recreational as well as syllabus-related), subscriptions to 64 periodicals, on-line resources and over 400 DVDs and CD Roms, fully-equipped with ICT work stations, and staffed by specialist librarians, our Library is a facility of which any school would be proud.