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Junior Branch Organisation

Boys enter at the age of 7 from primary or pre-prep schools. All applicants are interviewed and sit an entrance examination.

The Junior Branch accommodates up to 240 boys aged 7 to 11 on the Holly Hill site which occupies a secluded area in the centre of Hampstead village.

The school is well-equipped with an art and technology block, an air conditioned ICT room, a drama studio and a medical suite.

It also has a music room and additional practice rooms, a large science laboratory and a modern library with a wide range of age-appropriate books.

There are computers in every area of the school and the whole site uses a wireless system to access servers and the internet.

Its proximity to the Senior School enables the junior boys to use the sports hall and swimming pool on the Frognal site.

The 25 acres of playing fields, all-weather pitch and pavilions at Ranulf Road in West Hampstead are only a 10-minute coach ride away.

The aim of the Junior Branch is to provide a boy with the opportunity to mature steadily so that he develops academic and personal disciplines, self-confidence, thoughtfulness and public spirit to enable him to transfer smoothly to the Senior School when he is 11.