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Apply to UCS

All Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form applicants should complete a Registration Form, together with a registration fee.  Upon registration, a fee of £100 is charged for Junior Branch, Senior School and Sixth Form applicants.

In order to accept a place at the Senior School or Junior Branch parents must complete an Admission Agreement which sets out the School's terms and conditions and they will be asked to pay a deposit of £3,500. In normal circumstances, this deposit is not returnable if the place is not taken up. Of this sum, £3,000 is credited to the first term's fees. The remaining £500 is held as surety against expenses incurred during a pupil's last term in the School and will be returned (in whole or in part) at the end of that term.

Please note, these arrangements are in effect for all applications for entry in 2014 (11+, 16+) and 2015 for all entry points. An updated registration for will be available soon.

At The Phoenix School, a fee of £50 is charged upon registration and a reservation fee of £2,250 is payable and must accompany the Admission Agreement to the School to accept a place. The reservation fee will be credited against the pupil's final term's fees at The Phoenix School.

Download a UCS Registration Form (7+, 11+, 13+ applicants)

Download a UCS Sixth Form Registration Form

Download a Phoenix School Registration Form