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UCS Admissions

Pupils are admitted to UCS at a range of ages. Detailed procedures for each age-group are outlined in the links below. Whilst selection frequently involves a written examination, we always consider more than just academic ability. We hope to recruit pupils with broad and lively interests, keen to participate in and to contribute to the range of opportunities that UCS offers. Prospective parents should review the admission procedures and contact details for each school using the links below.

The Phoenix School
UCS Junior Branch
UCS Senior School
UCS Co-educational Sixth Form

A number of Open Evenings are held each year both at the Junior Branch and at the Senior School. Parents are encouraged to attend these with their children. They will have the opportunity to tour the School, guided by current pupils, to meet members of the teaching staff and to be addressed by the Headmaster. It is also possible to tour the Senior School privately during the school day. Arrangements for such tours may be made through the Headmaster's secretary. Prospective parents for The Phoenix School will be invited for small group tours by the Headmistress.