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Inspection Reports

In December 2011 both the UCS Senior School and Junior Branch were inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

The full reports are available in the links below.

Full Inspection Report - UCS Senior School


Full Inspection Report - UCS Junior Branch


In January 2011 the Independent Schools Inspectorate visited The Phoenix School for a full inspection.  The inspection team praised the Phoenix staff for providing "excellent pastoral care" and found the pupils to be "confident, articulate and eager to learn."

Headmistress, Lisa Mason Jones, commented on the report," I personally feel very proud of the school and for the hard work that all the staff and pupils put in to make the visit so successful.  I am looking forward to building on this success and following the recommendations to develop these achievements yet further."

Sir Brian Leveson, Chairman of the UCS Council stated, "The teaching staff and The Phoenix Senior Management Team are to be commended both for their excellent teaching and leadership and also for creating an environment that allows all pupils to achieve such high standards in learning and personal development."

Full Inspection Report 2011 - The Phoenix School