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Pastoral Overview

Pastoral Care

There about 20 boys in each form. The form teacher is primarily responsible for a boy’s pastoral care and will be the person in closest and most frequent contact with his parents. Parents’ Evenings are held annually and full reports are written twice a year.

Boys are allocated to one of four houses for purposes of sporting and other competitions, and to provide opportunities for social links vertically throughout the school. The Housemaster or Housemistress is also an important influence during a boy’s time at the Junior Branch.

All members of the teaching staff share responsibility for the social, cultural, and moral well-being of the boys in the school, and are supported by a full-time nurse, the school doctor, and two part-time special needs teachers.


The academic curriculum is supported by a range of co-curricular activities.

Clubs, which currently include Art, Chess, Fencing, Karate, Photography and Model Building, meet before school, lunchtimes or after school. We also organise ski trips and field studies, along with form outings and visits to theatres, museums, lectures and exhibitions on a regular basis.

The Choir, Orchestra and String Group rehearse weekly, and concerts and drama productions, involving boys at all levels of the School, are performed at various stages of the year. Individual tuition is available in a range of musical instruments.

UCS Pre-Prep

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The Junior Branch

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  • Hampstead
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The Senior School

  • Frognal
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